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The procedure

  • Requirements profile of the customer
  • Conclude staffing agreement
  • Presentation of candidates via video conference
  • Selection of suitable applicants
  • Conclusion of all necessary contracts
  • Language training in the home country
  • Implementation of all official requirements
  • Arrival in Germany
  • Integration support through proven Personnel Care Management System
  • Ongoing consulting for strategic personnel planning

Why nursing staff from Asia?

  • Profession and education
    • There is a shortage of hospital jobs in our candidates' home state:
      • Many registered nurses are without the opportunity to practice their profession
      • Many interested pupils do not have access to apprenticeships
    • The placement in Germany requested by our candidates does not lead to an undersupply of the healthcare system for nurses in their home country.
  • The family
    • is the central component in the Asian culture.
    • Multi-generational households are the rule.
    • The sick and elderly remain part of the community and are cared for.
  • Personality structure
    • Due to their cultural background, our nurses are considered to be
      • socially and outgoing
      • at the same time tactfully reserved.

The language training

  • Language schools according to TELC, ÖSD and Goethe examination procedures
  • We accompany our candidates from A1 - B2 among others with DAF teachers at different partner schools in the respective Asian countries.
  • There are monthly internal language tests to prove the trained language level.
  • The training takes place both as face-to-face instruction and in a supportive manner through online courses.

Intercultural training

  • All candidates are prepared for Germany through intercultural training as well as professional counselling in addition to language training.
  • This should minimise intercultural problems such as
    • False expectations about living and working in Germany
    • Lack of knowledge/training of professional appearance
    • Lack of self-confidence due to fear of losing face
    • Reduced sensitivity to punctuality
    • Mixing of private and working life
    • Passive work and communication behaviour
    • Lack of self and situation reflection
    • Lack of understanding of critical faculties
    • Lack of sense of duty

Integration: the most important success factor

  • The following are decisive for a successful placement and a permanent stay in Germany
    • good integration outside the workplace in the new place of residence
    • good integration in the workplace with the employer
  • For this reason, mediation only takes place
    • after extensive preparation for life and mentality in Germany
    • after detailed information of the employer about the values and mentality of the new employees
    • with support of the new employees in the initial period by our Personnel Care Management in Germany
  • Sustainability: building loyalty and trust through
    • Support for families at home in emergencies through our local partners
    • Assumption of health insurance and other benefits as well as family reunification
    • Constant contact with home through social media platforms of our partners